Our mission is to enhance your value


The key to success lies within the service menu, where all the treatments and services are centered around a central methodology. Having a clear methodology acts as an operational framework for the team to deliver effective treatments and programmes but also to ensure a smooth client journey and to track deliverables for the managers. Having a high level method allows for a service menu and programs which is also cost-effective from the get go.

Defining your medical wellness philosophy and identity

We help you identify  core values, mission, and vision of the operation, as well as the unique qualities to set it apart from other providers. This includes identifying the target audience, the purpose of the operation, and the core values that guide decision-making.


Medical wellness brand 

We help you define  a clear brand personality that reflects the values and mission of your organization. This includes developing a brand voice, style, and visual identity that aligns with the core values of the organization

Central operational framework  

We create a systematic approach to implement, manage, monitor, and improve your medical wellness offering. The operational methodology enables your team to deliver effective services to your clients..

Central medical/wellness/longevity methodology   

We develop your medical wellness methodology by creating a framework or system that guides your team. The goal is to produce results that are readily apparent and can be objectively measured via lab work, body composition changes and performance improvement.

The methodology involves a holistic approach that takes into account the physical, mental, and emotional health of clients.

Client journey

We develop a comprehensive journey that supports your clients experience. This process requires a deep understanding of your clients’ needs and preferences, as well as a commitment to providing personalised care and support throughout their visit to ensure a positive and memorable experience.




20 years of experience in bioscience and longevity. Blending high tech science with luxury hospitality to create unique wellness concepts. Cambridge University graduate (MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise) and an MSc in Molecular Biotechnology. Having founded various successful longevity projects, Kasia is now combining her scientific passion and entrepreneurial acumen to help businesses excel through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and strategies.


Experienced marketer and commercial manager. She has a 360 approach to sales, marketing and operations, specialising in brand creation, commercial development and rapid growth strategies. Graduated Msc Psychology, which provides her unique understanding of consumer behaviour.  Her expertise allows her to provide innovative strategies for health and wellness concepts