Pioneering Molecular Wellness

What is Molecular Wellness?

A holistic multi-faceted approach addresses all aspects of health and wellbeing; it eliminates body and mind pollution, rejuvenates cellular processes and restores the balance and health. 


A human is not the sum of the parts, but the whole, inseparably linked together. A properly functioning body is in a state of homeostasis (balance) on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). 


In contrast to conventional medicine, the cure is helping body’s natural defences to regenerate and fight inflammation, a primary cause of  weight gain, sickness and associated diseases. Through in-depth cleansing, regeneration and nutrition at the cellular level, the body’s natural defence systems are mobilized and a chronic inflammation is eliminated.


Health and disease are determined at the cellular level, not at the level of organs. The optimum functioning of the body’s cells is the foundation of health. Cellular Medicine emphasizes the role of micronutrients as co-factors of a multitude of metabolic processes taking place in the body’s cells which help regeneration of the body.

Molecular Wellness includes: 

Preventative wellness-a shift from reactive to a proactive approach

 Evidence-based approach – catering to consumers that seek a more scientific, medically assured approach

Latest technology–  BelleCell aggregates diagnostic, regenerative and face and body technologies, experts and solutions under one roof and offers a 360 holistic approach to health, wellness and beauty

Biohacking for human enhancement-changing our biochemistry and our physiology through science and self-experimentation to energise and enhance the body

Bioinformatics and bioanalysis– collection and interpretation of biological data used to drive health outcomes and solutions

Hyper-Personalisation– tailored health, wellness and aesthetic therapies based on molecular make-up. 

The Molecular Wellness Method 

To support detoxification, revitalization and regeneration physical medicine and age management treatments are applied. Physical medicine treatments support the processes of cellular metabolism (cellular nutrition and cleansing from accumulated toxic build-up).




• Health Check up
• Lifestyle Testing & Questionnaire
• Genetic Testing
• Performance & Metabolism Testing
• Bioelemential and Nutritional Testing



• Testing results
• Detailed reports
• Interpret results & Goal setting
• Personalised plan devised from above



• Detoxification
• Regeneration
• Stabilisation
• Each stage has a combination of treatments, supplementation and intervention depending on the goal.



• Increased energy
• Cellular regeneration
• Weight loss
• Optimal performance

How do we compare?

BelleCell focuses on PREVENTION. We sit in-between traditional wellness services and Medical diagnostics for early intervention. We believe detecting issues early is just scratching the surface. Real prevention comes from understanding your strength and weaknesses and optimising your body from within.


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